Jewelry Cleaning & Repair

Gasper’s Jewelers handles jewelry repair and cleaning orders with the utmost care and quality. Our on-premise master jewelers have many years of experience and extensive training along with a passion and knowledge for fine jewelry and gemstones. We inspect and repair broken chains, pendants and charms—or replace worn out clasps and closures. We can quickly refurbish your necklaces, bracelets and jewelry chains to look new again. We understand the precision and attention to detail that is essential for cleaning, polishing, repairing, restoring, or remaking a piece of fine jewelry.

If you have an engagement ring, wedding band, or a dearly loved ring that doesn’t fit any more, our expert jewelers can determine your proper ring size and professionally size your ring to fit you perfectly.

Watch Repair

To preserve its appearance and optimal performance, your watch requires expert periodic maintenance. Just as in a car, every product that contains a mechanism requires a full service after a certain amount of time. A fine watch will last for decades with routine maintenance, including lubrication and thorough cleaning. Manufacturers suggest that watches be cleaned, oiled and serviced every three to five years to ensure that the components are properly lubricated and that the mechanism is free from dust, dirt and moisture. We have in-house watch repair and cleaning for your convenience.